"99frames" - The Social Animation Project

99frames - The Social Animation Project

"99frames" - The Social Animation Project

The 99frames project is designed to encourage people to try out the new CINEMA 4D R13 features. Since CINEMA 4D R13 is such a huge upgrade in terms of rendering, character animation and workflow, it’s almost a must in my opinion to get this project started. I really do invite everybody to this very first neosushi68 project, no matter which skill level you have. It simply doesn’t matter. It’s about having fun, learning and sharing your work with the world.

You can download the CINEMA 4D R13 Demo as well to participate !

What will happen to my work ?

After you’ve finished your 99frames project you upload your video to the Vimeo group called “99frames”

After the project’s deadline on (5th of December) has passed I will download all the content and mash it together in one huge clip. A good friend of mine will then create an audio track and I’ll re-upload the final movie to Vimeo.

Rules are simple:

Download the CINEMA 4D R13 template here

If you can’t or don’t want to download, here are the settings you must stick to:

• 99 frames long @ 30fps (and I mean exactly 99frames )

• 800x450px - 16:9 resolution (this should keep render times manageable)

How and where to participate:

• Use at least 1 new CINEMA 4D R13 feature ! (for example: Physical Camera / more info here)

• no stills, only animation will be accepted

• it must be your own work, no copycats !

• name your file as follows: 99frames_yourname

• Use your real name and your web site, if you have one. This information will appear in the final post as well

• a simple link back to http://neosushi68.tumblr.com on your post

What’s so “Social” about that idea ?

Well as we all know the Internet has a huge impact on our life, work and the way we communicate. This project is also about showing who you are and what you do. Therefore, all participants will be featured on my blog with their names and web address. 

Maybe you will create such a cool piece of animation that you can use it on your own reel. Let’s see. Have Fun !

Get your Engine started, share the love, tell everyone and join the 99frames project.

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter about 99frames and CINEMA 4D Info’s and Tips: @neosushi68